Productions brought to you by SPCTRM

This foundation's main goal is to create several music productions a year, which consist of contemporary classical music mixed with other styles of music or with other disciplines. We work with composers to combine newly written music with existing repertoire for any combination of instruments.

New production with the vers ensemble

Currently we are working on a new production with The Vers Ensemble. Concerts will be held in Groningen, Zwolle, Zeewolde and Amsterdam. The program features young contemporary composers, the result: a program with a fresh variety of musical idioms. Read more →

Gettoblaster Project

The Ghetto Blaster Project (GBP) is a series of exciting performances combining classical music with recycled noise played through recycled boomboxes. The project challenges the idea of classical music by combining art with sound material from everyday life. As a result, noise pollution will be elevated into music and the public will have to reconsider how they listen to life.… Read more →

Transformative Perspectives: When Music and Poetry Agree

The combination of poetry and music is a natural evolution. Poetry has the musical aspects of rhythm, meter, style, and inflection. The poets, James Joyce and Frederico Garcia Lorca, both used musical images to convey a deeper meaning in their writing. Billy Collins and Langstan Hughes provide perspectives on aging from differing times. And the modern cynicism of Shannon Rayne… Read more →

Train of Thought 2014

Train of Thought launched as part of ArtSeedz 2013. The group was featured live on Netherlands Radio 4’s Podium in promotion of the entire festival. Receiving success at the festival, Train of Thought was asked by Huib Ramaer to extend the project for presentation at Het Bethaniënklooster. Besides the performance at the Bethaniënklooster, ToT has organised concerts in Enschede, Groningen… Read more →