Transformative Perspectives: When Music and Poetry Agree

The combination of poetry and music is a natural evolution. Poetry has the musical aspects of rhythm, meter, style, and inflection. The poets, James Joyce and Frederico Garcia Lorca, both used musical images to convey a deeper meaning in their writing. Billy Collins and Langstan Hughes provide perspectives on aging from differing times. And the modern cynicism of Shannon Rayne showcases transforming observations on our evolving consumerist culture. See what happens when music and poetry agree in Transformative Perspectives.

The selection of composers and music nourish multiple interpretations of the poets’ writing. Renowned composers, Samuel Barber and Reginald Smith Brindle, offer music as the contemporaries of Joyce and Lorca. However, these insights provide lasting wisdom to our generation as well. Listen to how David Otten and Arend Gerds work with these poetic giants. Will their work showcase the sophistication of the late romantics or will they breath youthful rationality and exuberance into these dwelt over poets?
Many coffee cups have been emptied discussing the meaning of literary giants. And many more cups have been spent to foster the creative juices of our generation. Coffee Stained is the collaboration between American composer Carrie Magin and Canadian poet Shannon Rayne. Written at the request of bass trombonist Russ Zokaites, the sarcastic wit is a result of many hours spent in cafes.
Transformative Perspectives: When Music and Poetry Agree, is an intimate and thought provoking performance. With Ruud Harte (guitar) Riƫtte Olthof (piano) and Russ Zokaites (bass trombone) creating musical portraits of poetry. The combination of the art forms take on several manifestations throughout the concert and will create an interesting perception of each poet. Please join these three musicians as they transform poetry into music.